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Our Mission:  To Preserve, Enhance, and Promote Dark Skies in the Methow Valley

Meet The Team


Dean Kurath


Dean Kurath lives with his wife Karen north of Winthrop and has a lifelong interest in astronomy and stargazing.


Kyrie Jardin

Only in the darkest of night, can I begin to see the vast face of the limitless universe we live in. To me, that is as close to God as I have seen. The Milky Way is a holy thing.


Tuck Stebbins

Robin “Tuck” Stebbins, a retired NASA astrophysicist, and his wife Christy live midway between Winthrop and Mazama.


Lorah Super

Lorah Super lives near Twisp with her family. She works as Program Director for the Methow Valley Citizens Council.


Owen Rice

Owen and his family are part time residents of  Winthrop.  The Methow Valley is one of the few inhabited places in Washington where the enormity and grandeur of the celestial sky can be contemplated and respected.


Karen Schuchardt

Karen retired from a career as a software engineer and moved to the valley in 2014 where she enjoys all things outdoors and especially dark moonless nights.




Jack McLeod, retired science teacher and avid photographer, lives in Mazama. Any excuse to be outdoors is worth considering, as is helping protect the natural resources and community focus of this valley.


Raven Aae

Raven’s first word was “moon”. She lives with her daughter in a delightfully dark corner of the Methow Valley.

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