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Methow Dark Sky Week April 2-8, 2024

Did you know that the Methow Valley has some of the darkest skies in the state of Washington?


The Methow Dark Sky Coalition, a program of the Methow Valley Citizens Council, is kicking off a series of family-friendly activities on April 2nd to celebrate International Dark Sky Week. The MDSC invites everyone to discover the magic of the Methow Valley’s beautiful dark sky—an exceptionally rare natural resource. International Dark Sky Week is an important reminder of the need to protect our natural environment and promote sustainability on our home planet. 


Follow MDSC on social media to learn more about upcoming Dark Sky Week activities and how you can help preserve the darkness for generations to come! Share your experiences during Methow Dark Sky Week on social media using the hashtag #MethowDarkSkyWeek.



Methow Dark Sky Scavenger Hunt

Kick off Methow Dark Sky week and discover the night with the Methow Dark Sky Coalition scavenger hunt. Find as many items on the list as you can during the week. Access the scavenger hunt.



Night Photography at Pearrygin Lake State Park 8-10pm

Bring your phone or camera and let’s photograph the stars! Retired NASA astrophysicist Tuck Stebbins and local photographer Jack McLeod will be hosting this event. Meet at the boat ramp. All skill levels are welcome. 


In the event of inclement weather, the MDSC invites everyone to watch select dark sky week Saving the Dark, Netflix's Night On Earth, or episodes of Night Matters Lecture Series.



Dark Sky Book Discovery at Trail’s End

Visit Trail’s End bookstore in Winthrop to peruse selected books about astronomy and dark skies. What did you discover? Share your book choices on social media with the hashtag #MethowDarkSkyWeek.



Enjoy the Night Sky with a Friend

The MDSC invites you to grab some snacks, pour a beverage, and enjoy the night sky with a friend. Sit outside your own residence or pick a favorite spot in the Valley. Share your thoughts on social media using #MethowDarkSkyWeek.



Night Hike at Meadowlark Natural Area  7:45-9:30pm

Join the Methow Conservancy and retired NASA astrophysicist Tuck Stebbins for a nighttime walk at the Meadowlark Natural Area in Winthrop. Limited to 15 participants. Sign up



Visit the Dark Sky Exhibit at Confluence Art Gallery

Dark Skies define the valley we call home. In this exhibit, 28 Artists reflect the inspiration the night sky holds for them in paintings, photography, textiles and sculpture. We invite you to enjoy their gaze and learn why the dark skies are a gift to so many and how to preserve them. What was your favorite piece and why? Share on social media using #MethowDarkSkyWeek.



Night Hike with a Friend

Grab a headlamp and a friend and discover the night with a night hike! Pick a familiar trail or even a path in your own neighborhood. How is it different at night and what do you see and hear? Share your experiences on social media using #MethowDarkSkyWeek



Watch the Eclipse Livestream 10am-1pm PDT

Join NASA and watch live as a total eclipse moves across Mexico, The United States, and Canada.  Tune in for live views from across the path, expert commentary, live demos, and more.



Inventory Home Lighting

Thank you for participating in Dark Sky Week and discovering the night! How can you help preserve the Methow’s preciously rare dark skies? The MDSC invites everyone to inventory their own home lighting. View our quick guide.


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