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Preserve Methow Dark Skies

Light Pollution - Why We Care

The Methow Valley has some of the darkest skies in Washington state and the entire country.  This stunning video shows the effects of light pollution on our ability to see the stars across the full range of the Bortle scale with 1 being the darkest.  Our local skies currently range from 2-4 with 2 being the remote regions away from towns. The Methow Dark Sky Coalition is inspired to preserve this darkness for future generations even as the valley grows and to reduce light pollution where we can over time.    


Light pollution does more than deprive us of a connection to the immense universe around us.  It affects wildlife, human health, energy, and safety in surprising ways.

Make your home Dark Sky Friendly

Most people will find that a few simple changes can lead to home lighting that is both beautiful and functional, without contributing excessive light pollution.

Black Sky

Upcoming Star Gazing Information

Sky and Telescope is a popular monthly magazine for the general public interested in the night sky.  It contains sky maps and topics of interest relevant to the current night sky. offers a handy printable monthly observing calendar.

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